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Wetland and Waterfront Structures Markett

Federal, State & County public wetland & waterfront projects such as boardwalks, nature walks or bridge pier protection projects which issue specifications for structural plastic lumber products that can withstand the high traffic and volume of visitors are ideal applications for Polyforce™ STRUCTURAL RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER. These plastic lumber and timber sizes will meet these engineered specifications head on. If you are designing or quoting on a RFQ which calls out a need for an aesthetically superior public waterfront structure built to withstand the high traffic of the public, we can provide the structural grades of recycled plastic lumber and composite timber products customized to meet the project's unique specification(s).

Treated wood still deteriorates over time, attracts mold, rots and runs the risks of leeching undesirable chemical compounds into the surrounding environment over time — which are often extremely hazardous to both the environment and ecology. Wetland and waterfront regions, are repeatedly exposed to harsh wet conditions from the soils, precipitation and air humidity. Wood fiber based composite plastic lumber products are equally susceptible to long term deterioration concerns undermining your initial capital investment. PolyForce does not encapsulate wood or organic fibers and has proven the most superior choice for longevity, low maintenance and maintaining the capital investment for decades to come.

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PolyForce™  vs.  Traditional Wood or Organic fiber based Composites

At Tangent we collaborate directly with the design engineer, project manager and general contractor for the project every step of the way. Our capabilities allow us to meet and exceed the specifications with a variety of options. UV and corrosion resistant materials, reinforcing fiberglass fibers embedded throughout, co-extrusion to put the ingredients and properties desired where you need them most and even inserting continuous fiberglass rebar for the most load bearing and energy absorption requirements — all carefully engineered and tested to meet your projects ASTM specifications.

At Tangent Technologies, we collaborate directly with Federal, State & Local government agencies, retained engineering firms and general contractors to reach the highest performance for the lowest cost. If "Recycled Content" is important to your project look no further. All of our PolyForce formulations are certified by an independent third party Green Circle Certified for recycled content and meet FTC Green Guidelines. Contact Tangent today to develop the perfect solution for your project.

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Market Applications

  • Nature walks
  • Boardwalks
  • Dune Cross-overs
  • Fishing Piers
  • Bridge Pier Protection
  • Bridge Fender Wales
  • Lock Gates & Guide Walls
  • Bull rails, Rub Rails, Backing Beams
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