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Residential Docks and Piers Market

TanDeck™ ULTIMATE MARINE DOCK BOARD is a highly durable and resilient marine dock board for residential and commercial dock, marina, pier and waterfront properties and structures.

TanDeck is available through a network of exclusive Specialty Marine Dealers approved by Tangent, who are committed to stock and service the professional marine contractor trade that specializes in servicing residential customers and commercial marina and waterfront projects.

We are continually expanding coverage and searching for new "MARINE SPECIALTY DEALERS" that cater to the professional marine contractor trade. If you are a professional marine contractor and/or a specialty marine dealer / lumberyard interested in working with TanDeck in your area where we have no current distribution please contact Tangent today to explore how to grow your business with TanDeck.

If your marine projects focuses on federal, state or local government installations such as a nature walks, board walks or bridge pier protection projects we recommend you evaluate our PolyForce™ STRUCTURAL RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER product alternatives and go to the WETLAND & WATERFRONT STRUCTURES MARKET for more information. Contact Tangent directly to explore these opportunities.

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Building our TanDeck™ Marine Speciality Dealer Network

No two marine dock and marina projects are the same, but we know all of them need a high quality professional marine contractor involved to be sure the client's investment is designed and installed correctly. In turn, those professional marine contractors rely on their Speciality Marine Dealers to be knowledgable to stock and service the best products in the market.

Each Dealer below has "exclusivity" to distribute TanDeck in their defined territory so their hard work today building and servicing their market will reap dividends for years to come and with confidence of a true partnership with Tangent.

TanDeck™ ULTIMATE MARINE DOCK BOARD is available exclusively through our network of local stocking distributors:

Southwest Florida: Shoreline Lumber

Southeast Florida: Keys Deck and Dock Supply

Coastal New Jersey: Marine Lumber & Piling

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Market Applications

  • Residential marine dock boards & substructure components
  • Commercial marinas for dock, decking & substructure
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