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Post Consumer Recycled Content Market

The post-consumer plastics recycling market has changed dramatically over the past decade. Volatility in pricing and availability has driven a number of small independent PCR plastic recycling / reprocessing companies out of business. As a result, the market continued to be fragmented with less availability and inconsistent quality for buyers of HDPE PCR resin.

Tangent recognized this trend and with our continued growth producing premium recycled plastic lumber products realized early on the strategic importance of producing our own PCR resin in-house. In 2010 we completed a multimillion dollar expansion dedicated to converting post consumer plastic milk bottles into the highest quality 100% PCR HDPE recycled resin we have trademarked as PCR Pure.

This strategic investment allows Tangent total control over managing the availability, costs and most importantly the quality of our recycled resin we start with. Bringing this reprocessing step in-house, gives Tangent a unique strategic advantage in the marketplace to produce premium brands of recycled plastic lumber which other manufacturers struggle to match. Sortation, grinding, washing, drying, repelletizing and bulk blending in 300,000 pound lots give us plenty of opportunities to enhance quality which directly impacts the fit, finish & performance of our recycled plastic lumber brands.

Quality Plastic Lumber starts with Quality Raw Material

PCR Pure 100% POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED HDPE RESIN is produced to the most exacting standards by Tangent. It begins with 15,000 tons per year of post consumer baled HDPE milk bottles being purchased from communities all across the U.S. and delivering to Aurora, IL.

The processing steps present options to improve quality along the way as outlined below:

  • Sortation The baled milk bottles are broken apart to screen off caps & small contaminates. This stream of plastic bottles are then spread apart to allow our operators to remove non HDPE bottles and other items which would degrade quality.
  • Grind/Wash/Dry Size reduction of milk bottles to a large flake size increases the efficiency our wash process. Paper & plastic labels as well as residual contamination is liberated from the plastic flakes in this high intensity attrition environment. Drying is particularly critical to be sure no remaining moisture is present before repelletizing.
  • Repelletizing The clean & dry flake is melted in an extruder which pushes all the product through a fine mesh screen to remove the very fine particles of contaminates. No matter how hard you try in the washing process you cannot remove 100% of the non-HDPE milk bottle material. This fine mesh screen in the extrusion step performs that function very well.
  • Blending All PCR Pure resin produced is put in a 300,000 pound silo to blend the resin together to produce very consistent material properties.
Market Applications

PCR Pure is certified to contain 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content by GreenCircle Certified, LLC, an independent third-party firm which conducts an annual audit at Tangent’s facility and headquarters. Therefore, any buyer of PolyTuf, PolyForce, TanDeck or PCR Pure can rest assured of the “recycled content” claim being consistent and adhering to the 2012 FTC Green Guides.

  • Interested in purchasing PCR Pure? Call us because we sell into the marketplace for customers who wish to make products with certified PCR recycled content.
  • Have baled milk bottles for sale? We purchase truckloads daily and we are always looking for good quality and consistent suppliers.