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PolyTuf™ PREMIUM RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER is our non-structural product brand which is sold directly to our "business to business" OEM customers. These customers design, build and fabricate high tolerance and high value end products servicing a wide range of outdoor markets with hundreds of applications. For detailed information and examples of these end product applications, see FABRICATED PRODUCTS MARKET.

Recycled Content   PolyTuf is certified to contain a minimum of 95% Recycled Content. A majority of PolyTuf colors is certified to a minimum of 95% Post Consumer Content. A small number of colors our customers specify require a brightness which required us to develop a 95% Recycled Content grade comprising of pre & post consumer materials to meet the color, brightness and finish.

Closed Loop Product   Tangent Technologies has established PolyTuf as a "Closed Loop Product" with participating customers. This active take back program returns fabrication scrap of PolyTuf back to Tangent and is reused back into new products.

Certification System   Green Circle Certified has conducted an independent, third party evaluations for "Recycled Content" and "Closed Loop Product" claims. Certifications have been issued and are renewed on an annual basis. For more information, see CERTIFIED RECYCLED CONTENT.


  • PolyTuf™ PREMIUM RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER should be used only for NON-STRUCTURAL applications.
  • Negligible water absorption so mold and mildew cannot penetrate surface.
  • Corrosion free.
  • Pest free. Bugs, insects and termites cannot infiltrate below the surface.
  • Resistant to UV and harsh weather climates.
  • Easy to clean, mild soap and rinse with water will do.
  • No splintering, cracking or warping as one would find with wood.
  • Surface embossed textures available for slip-resistance and aesthetic design.
  • Compatible with common woodworking tools and CNC fabrication techniques.
  • Greater impact resistance than wood.
  • Resistant to most chemical exposures.
  • Standard or Custom options - shapes and colors tailored to your unique product application.
  • 95% recycled content certification meeting FTC Green Guidelines.
  • Backed by a limited 50-year warranty.

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PolyTuf™ PREMIUM RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER is ideal for outdoor end product applications where weather-resistance, minimal maintenance and a beautiful appearance is required over a long product life cycle. PolyTuf is sold primarily into the Fabricated Products Market.

The FABRICATED PRODUCTS MARKET is where (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturers fabricate PolyTuf into a myriad of end products tailored to residential and commercial applications and are ideal customers for Tangent's PolyTuf PREMIUM RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER. PolyForce our Structural Plastic Lumber brand is making inroads into these fabricated end products to add stiffness and other more desirable properties.

The RESIDENTIAL DOCKS & PIERS MARKET and WETLAND & WATERFRONT STRUCTURES MARKET use primarily TanDeck™ and PolyForce™ brands which have tailored structural properties unique to the application or project in question. There are a minor number of PolyTuf products sold into these markets where non-structural components exist to support the overall installed system.

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Any Shape

  • Standard shapes are available in all the popular cross sections. below.
  • Thicknesses from 1/4" up to 12".
  • Widths up to 60". You need plastic lumber SHEET to match the color and finish of your standard shapes? Multiple sheet widths available including 18", 24", 40", 48" 60".
  • Custom shape needed? In-house tool shop means we can respond quickly with low cost to build any shape our customers specify. This investment for Tangent tool making allows us to provide unique and tailored solutions for our customers in a responsive and cost effective manner.
  • Need curves? Bullnose, large radiuses, tongue and groove and other desires to bring custom fit options to your products are limited only by your imagination.

Any Length

  • Unlimited lengths — our continuous extrusion process allows any length desired.
  • Competitors who "flow mold" plastic lumber are tooling limited. Request for new length means new tooling costs.

Any Color

  • Classic Collection includes all the standard colors the recycled plastic lumber industry has enjoyed over the years. Cedar, sand, weathered wood, turf green and light gray to name just a few. below.
  • Custom color needed? The iterative process to match color, produce samples and meet expectations quickly is what our technical team excels at.
  • Formulation — all colors are designed with proven additive packages that give you and your customers piece of mind that PolyTuf Premium Recycled Plastic Lumber will stand the test of time even in the most harshest environments.
  • Exotic Collection targets the desire to move beyond solid classic colors and into varied multi-color blends or as the industry refers to as "streaking" colors. Tangent's Exotic Collection is the result of a "patent pending" process which allows customized multi-tones on the surface along with wood grain rings of colors in the core. When fabricated and routed into parts, our customers final products looks like nothing you have seen before in the industry. Another example of Tangent breaking barriers to open up opportunities for our customers and to keep penetrating new markets and fueling revenue growth in our customer / supplier partnership.

Product Finishes

  • Standard finish from Tangent is a very tight range between highs & lows of color striation typical in plastic lumber products. This standard finish is controlled by set-up of production parameters and produces a consistent and rich color as offered in our Classic Collection.
  • Custom finishes are always an option where the customer wants to open up the highs & lows range of a single color.
  • Finish and color are interdependent in determining the final appearance which opens up unlimited possibilities for those customers willing to work hand in hand with Tangent to design with your choice of color and finish.

Embossed Finishes

  • Wood Grain embossed finish — Tangent designed an embossed finish with wood grain pattern which has classic organic lines and is free of artificial "arches" which draw your eye and negatively convey a "repeat" pattern as so typical with competitors products.
  • Rough Hewn embossed finish is an aggressive and randomized linear graining along the surface to emulate a weathered or rough hewn saw cut
  • Custom Embossed Finishes — We are all about providing tailored solutions to our customers. CONTACT US today to explore the possibilities.


  • Tangent was first HDPE based recycled plastic lumber manufacturer in the industry to co-extrude a separate cap layer around the perimeter of the part.
  • This capability allows for the highest performance formulation to be where you need it in either the cap layer or core cross section at an effective cost.
  • Designing with co-extrusion provides infinite possibilities for additives, colors and formulations to optimize your design to balance aesthetics and function.


  • Tangent can provide limited fabrication techniques to PolyTuf prior to shipping.
  • Heavily routed parts with high scrap rate or yield loss, short lengths cut to high tolerance specifications and other variations are examples of where it is more cost effective to have Tangent perform these operations prior to shipping.
  • Expanding our fabrication capability is in our future in order to provide a total value platform to our customer base.

Highest Quality

  • Recycled plastic lumber quality begins with controlling the quality of raw material. 100% of our HDPE post consumer recycled resin used in making PolyTuf is produced by Tangent on site and is trademarked PCR-Pure.
  • PCR-Pure™ is 100% Post Consumer Recycled HDPE Resin, bulk blended in 300,000 pound batches offering unparalleled consistency in properties.
  • High quality additives is key — We do not skimp to save pennies because doing so could costs dollars in the future.
  • Stable Process Control — Unstable process may produce a good looking part but runs the risk of embedding inherent problems which may not surface as an issue till years later. At Tangent we are designing and building in-house a majority of our production equipment to ensure reliable and stable process control.
  • Quality focus from start to finish equates to a PolyTuf being recognized as "the" Premium Recycled Plastic Lumber product in the marketplace for quality that cuts like butter, uniform cell structure throughout and allowing typical wood fabrication techniques to produce the finest fit & finish in the industry

Recycled Content Important?

  • 95% Post Consumer Recycled Content and 95% Recycled Content comprising of pre & post consumer materials are available for PolyTuf.
  • Recycled Content certifications on file and issued by an independent third party Green Circle Certified. For more information, see CERTIFIED RECYCLED CONTENT.
  • Our customers are allowed to use Green Circle Certified recycled content "mark" along with Tangent brand name to validate their "sustainable" marketing claims - contact us for more detail

If your application for recycled plastic lumber is structural in nature, reinforced physical properties can be achieved with the addition of engineered additives, reinforcing fibers and/or fiberglass rebar to increase stiffness and load bearing capacity and reduce expansion/contraction properties. PolyTuf is not recommended for structural or near-structural applications. PolyForce™ and TanDeck™ are the structural recycled plastic lumber brands to achieve the design strength you need.

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